Redlin-Kernen Wedding at Dukes Malibu

We couldn't have asked for a nicer day. The sun shining, cool breeze - but not cold. If you've never been to Dukes in Malibu its truly a great experience. The staff was terrific! They are down-to-earth friendly, helpful. The location is found on PCH. While its not a five star upscale type venue, I walked past several local hollywood movie stars, one of them included Ryan O'Neil. Make sure to check out the Sunday brunch. Enough about Duke per se'. Now to the reception.

Jenny and Mark are fantastic! The reception started as a bus carrying all the friends arrived and the party started. Tray passed hor dourves, a nice bar, sun and surf, a nice patio deck and off to a great start. The music flavor for the beginning was cool alternative like jack Johnson, and jazzy funk like Herbie Hancock. Upbeat, but not overpowering.

As guests made their way to their seats, the next event were a few toasts, and a video montage. Dad had to reboot the computer. The video shows the bride and groom exchanging vows in Fiji. There is a great clip which the bride and groom are giving vows and the groom is wiping the sweat from his brow - it looked like he was nervous sweat about the marriage (but it was really that tropical heat). The crowd roared with laughter. Very cute!!!

Dinner buffet served, family members walked up to the mic one by one to congratulate the couple - cheers. On to the first dance. They selected John Legend "So High." From slow songs to faster including Brick house, I gotta feeling, like a virgin to Don't Stop Believing.

They decided not to have some of the traditional things like garter bouquet, but did cut the cake.

A great experience. In fact, the party lasted two more hours than expected! It was fun.

Thanks Mark and Jenny for allowing me to be your DJ.


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