12 and highland, manhattan beach

This party started as a huge challenge and ended up being a great party. So what happened?

Most nightclubs have Serato set up for the djs upon arrival. But not tonight. And I havent set up the box in years. I was unfamiliar with the system and didn't want to touch and mess up what they had. The resident dj showed up 5 minutes before his start and didn't want to touch the system. So I was stuck.

I spoke with the host of the party and explained I could spin with the CDs I had on hand, but it wouldn't be over the top party music he'd be hoping for. And then I remembered I had my vestax vci300 in my bag. Connected the controller to one of the open channels. And started my set on time.

I think this story is telling. Any other dj would show up and not weigh options. Probably mist would be in real trouble. Reid (the host) pushed me, believed in my ability. It worked!

Many of the customers had never heard a DJ spin a set like I mixed. Top 40, pop, rock. And given my set up and situation, I'd say it wasnt even one of my best sets. That says alot.

Big thanks to Reid.


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